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Filter for Karcher A2004 WD3 NT modeld

Filter for Karcher A2004

Filter for Karcher A2004
Normal Price: $66.00


Cartridge Filter for Karcher Modeld Below

  • Karcher A1000, K1000, A2101, A2254, A2004, A2204, A2504, A2554
  • Karcher 6.414-552.0, NT27/1/ME
  • Karcher A1000, A1001, K1000, A2003, A2004, 2014, A2024, A2054ME, A2064PT, 2101, A2101, A2131PT, A2200, 2201F, A2201, A2204, A2206 X, A2231 PT, A2234 PT, A2251 ME F, A2251ME, A2254, A2254 ME, A2504, A2534 pt, A2554, A2554 ME, A2901, K2301, NT27/1, NT 27/1/ME, VC6100, VC6200, VC6300, WD2.200, WD2.240, WD3.200, WD3.300 M, WD3.330 M, WD3.500 P, WD3.540 P, WD3.600 MP
  • Karcher - WD 2 Premium, WD 3 P, WD 3 Premium, WD 3.5 Premium

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