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Cyclone Vacuums

Cyclone vacuums was developed by James Dyson in 1980, it doesn't have a traditional bag or filter system. Instead, it sends the air stream through one or more cylinders, that spin in a spiral way. This motion creates a roller coaster of air coming from those cylinders. As the air stream shoots around in a spiral, all of the dirt particles experience a powerful centrifugal force. They are whipped away from the air stream. In this way, the dirt is extracted from the air without using any sort of filter. It simply collects at the bottom of the cylinder.


The cyclone system is a new technology in comparison to the traditional bag system, but don’t be fooled, you are still required to replace the “life time filters” and if you don’t then suction will be lost. But if you clean the filters and empty the canister before its over filled, the cyclonic system will reward you.