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How to measure my diameter

How To Measure Your Diameter

  1. Find a ruler
  2. Place the ruler on the hollow part of the front of the handle with the zero on one end.
  3. Make sure the ruler is in the center of the handle hollow (see illustration B)
  4. Measure the distance in millimeters from one end of the circle to the other end.

Please note you are measuring the hole including the ages in this case ( external diameter)

there are only 5 possible diameters your handle can have:

31.5mm, 32mm (most common), 35mm (common), 36mm (mainly commercial vacuum cleaners)

if you measuring the rod (metal tube) you need to do the same thing just make sure you measuring the end that plugs into the floor tool.

You can measure the diameter at any end and that diameter will be the same every where else